Thursday, April 28, 2011

Read what you love!

A few posts ago my mom wrote about teaching children to read through using the words that are meaningful to them. If your child likes Buzz Lightyear, then /b/ can be for Buzz! This can start at any age. My littlest one is a toothbrush nut. If he sees a toothbrush, bet your bottom dollar that he will find a way to get it into his hands. There is hardly a day that goes by that someone is my family is not hollering out, "Where is my toothbrush?".....and we all know the answer!  The Boo-Boo took it!

I came across this book, all about brushing your teeth, at the library and I knew we had to check it out. Now, in addition to hording the family hygiene products my sixteen month old baby wants to read the toothbrush book all day long. And, that puts a smile on my face...even if I can't find my toothbrush!

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