Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunrise Reading (And, how to find the time to read!)

This morning I woke up early and put on the coffee. Little footsteps came quickly behind me.

Grrr. (Just being real for a moment!)

I might have growled inside my head. Sunday mornings are supposed to be my morning to read~ alone~ before heading off to church with the family.

My four year old asked for a cup of coffee, with sugar. I had to laugh.
He has been drinking coffee with me in the mornings for a few months now. A few sips here and a few sips there to emulate Mommy. I don't mind.

I sat down to read and instructed him to find a few books of his own from our library book bag or the shelf in our home library. He stacked a huge pile together and sat opposite of me on the couch, our toes touching.

For an hour this morning my four year old and I sat in quiet, sipping coffee and reading. There was an occasional question or illustrations so funny he just had to share. My planned alone time was interrupted, but for this I am grateful.

My son watched me read. He watched me drink my coffee. He watched me bow my head to pray.

As a result, my son read, drank coffee, and bowed his head to pray.
There are many things in my nature which daily I work to not pass onto to my children. But, reading, praying and a fine appreciation for sipping something warm in the early morning hours, those things I am happy to impart.

One of the very best ways to "teach" your child to read is to let them catch you reading.
If you do it, they will know it is important.

But I am a busy Mom! How can I find time to read? 
1. Get up a little bit earlier. 
2. Read while nursing a baby. 
3. Put books all over the place in your house and pick them up whenever you may get a chance. 
4. Set aside reading time during your day, or at least during your week. 
5. Take your book with you on car trips (when you are not driving!), to appointments, and anywhere you might be waiting for a while. 
6. Read on a blanket while the kids play at the park. 
7. Read before bed rather than computer or TV. 
8. Ask your husband to watch the kids for an evening and go to a coffee shop for an hours just to read. 
9. Join a book club that is Mom/Kid  friendly. 
10. Have a weekly library time with your family and make sure that in those bags full of childrens books there are a handful of books for you too! 
11. Bathroom reading (Hey, you spend 7 years of your life in there, why not read!?) 

Be creative. Let them catch you reading. And, sometimes......break the schedule....toss out the plan...touch toes....drink coffee....and read next to your children when they should be sleeping......

Many blessings,


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