Friday, October 22, 2010

Lines That Wriggle

Lines that Wriggle (Candace Whitman and Steve Wilson) is plain old fun!

Every page in eye-popping bright, alive and filled with lines that are traceable for curious fingers.

Words such as sprout, tickle, curve, wiggle, wave, bend, and swish appear to jump out at the reader. This makes for good reading and a lot of invitation to move and groove to good words.

"What would it look like if we swirled?"
"How could we make lines in threes with these pieces of yarn?"
"Are their any lines hiding in this room?"

Lines that Wriggle is a fantastic early math book disguised as pure entertainment.

Here are several ideas you could use in a unit study with this book:

1.  Simply open the book and have little fingers trace the textured lines. Encourage the kiddos to express what they feel, see, and think. Talk about lines, lines, lines!

2. Cut up pieces of yarn in variety of sizes. Let your kiddos play with the string to make lines similar to those in the book.  They can make the string wavy, criss-cross, and mend for starters. Plus, let them do a free for all and have fun making the yarn into whatever they want!

3. Open the back door and have your kiddos pick up leaves that have fallen to the ground. Using tape secure the leaves to your table. Assist your children in using the yarn to replicate the lines on a leaf. You can do this on a table top of make a really big replica on your wall!

4. Go on a "line" scavenger hunt. Look for lines in your house and about in the world.

Many blessings!

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